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The Dicts and Sayings of the Philosophers

by Paperback / softback , 176 pages
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Medieval Institute Publications 
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At the forefront of the medieval wisdom tradition was "The Dicts and Sayings of the Philosophers," a long prose text that purports to be a compendium of lore collected from biblical, classical and legendary philosophers and sages. "Dicts and Sayings" was a well-known work that traveled across many lands and was translated into many languages.

The Republic

by: Plato

"The Republic" deals with almost the whole range of Plato's thought, but is particularly concerned with what makes a well-balanced society and individual. It combines argument with myth to advocate a life organized by reason rather than dominated by...

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Letters from a Stoic

by: Seneca, Lucius Annaeus

A philosophy that saw self-possession as the key to an existence lived "in accordance with nature", Stoicism called for restraint of animal instincts and severing of emotional ties. Seneca's contribution to a seemingly unsympathetic creed was to...

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