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Peirce on Realism and Idealism

by Lane, Robert (University of West Georgia) hardback, 214 pages
Publication date:
Cambridge University Press 
United Kingdom 

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Re-evaluates Peirce's metaphysics, exploring his views on pragmatism, reality, truth, and the mind's relation to the external world.

The Blackwell Companion to Philosophy

This fully revised and updated edition of Nicholas Bunnin and E.P. Tsui--James' popular introductory philosophy textbook brings together specially--commissioned chapters from a prestigious team of scholars writing on each of the key areas, figures...

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Myth and Meaning

by: Levi-Strauss, Claude

In addresses written for a wide general audience, one of the twentieth century's most prominent thinkers, Claude Levi-Strauss, here offers the insights of a lifetime on the crucial questions of human existence.

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