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Human Trafficking

by Wallace, Bill paperback, 448 pages
Publication date:
Little, Brown Book Group 
United Kingdom 

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This book tracks the complex history of human trafficking from its early origins in the slave markets of Rome through the streets of medieval Europe and the plantations of the West Indies to the sweatshops of modern-day Bangkok on a dark, violent journey of human abuse, racism and exploitation.

Out of Egypt

by: Aciman, Andre

Set in Alexandria, this memoir chronicles the exploits of the author's colourful Sephardic Jewish family, from its arrival in Egypt at the turn of the century to its forced departure three generations later. It tells a story of childhood innocence,...

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Left for Dead

by: Weathers, Beck

The extraordinary story of one of the survivors of the infamous 1996 Everest disaster Describes not only the author's indomitable will to live but also his determination to rebuild his life. Everyone will remember the story of Beck Weathers: the...

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Into the Wild

by: Krakauer, Jon

What would possess a gifted young man recently graduated from college to literally walk away from his life?

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