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Shaun Hutson Omnibus

by Hutson, Shaun Paperback / softback, 608 pages
Publication date:
Little, Brown Book Group 
United Kingdom 

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Two tales of suspense and horror from the master of the dark.

The Strain

by: Toro, Guillermo del

High-concept thriller with a supernatural edge from world-famous director, whose films include Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy.

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The Horror in the Museum

by: Lovecraft, H. P.

Within these pages, some of H P Lovecraft's more obscure works of horror and science fiction can be found, including several fantastic tales from his celebrated Cthulhu Mythos. No true Lovecraft aficionado dare be without this volume.

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by: Stoker, Bram

Bram Stoker's chilling masterpiece, Dracula, is a truly iconic and unsettling tale of vampirism.

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