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The Collected Poems

by Cavafy, Constantine P. paperback , 288 pages
Publication date:
Oxford University Press 
United Kingdom 

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This volume presents the most authentic Greek text of Cavafy's 154 authorized poems ever to be published, together with a new English translation that conveys the accent and rhythm of the poet's individual tone of voice.

Selected Poems, 1923-1958

by: Cummings, E. E.

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Let Evening Come

by: Kenyon, Jane

The work of Jane Kenyon is a gift to poetry. Her quietly musical poems are intensely moving, compassionate meditations intently probing the life of the heart and spirit. Observing and absorbing small miracles in everyday life, these apparently...

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Tennyson Poems

by: Tennyson, Alfred Lord

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The Complete Poems of Walt Whitman

by: Whitman, Walt

This collection contains the poetic works of Walt Whitman. These poems reflect the vitality of a new nation and the vastness of its lands. They combine autobiographical, sociological and religious themes but did not conform to previous genres.

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