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Handbook of Probability

by Florescu, Ionut hardback , 472 pages
Publication date:
John Wiley and Sons Ltd 
United Kingdom 

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This handbook provides a complete, but accessible compendium of all the major theorems, applications, and methodologies that are necessary for a clear understanding of probability. Each chapter is self-contained utilizing a common format. Algorithms and formulae are stressed when necessary and in an easy-to-locate fashion.


by: Gleick, James

This book brings together all the work in a new field of physics, the chaos theory, an extension of classical mechanics. The author shows how computers have been able to help researchers, by mapping the whole plane of solutions of non-linear...

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How to Solve it

by: Polya, Georg

A collection of practical lessons that demonstrates how the true mathematician learns to draw unexpected analogies, tackle problems from unusual angles, and extract information from the data.

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