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She Has Her Mother's Laugh

by Zimmer, Carl Paperback / softback, pages
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She Has Her Mother's Laugh presents a profoundly original perspective on what we pass along from generation to generation. Charles Darwin played a crucial part in turning heredity into a scientific question, and yet he failed spectacularly to answer it. The birth of genetics in the early 1900s seemed to do precisely that. Gradually, people translated their old notions about heredity into a language of genes. As the technology for studying genes became cheaper, millions of people ordered genetic tests to link themselves to missing parents, to distant ancestors, to ethnic identities . . .

What the Dog Saw

by: Gladwell, Malcolm

Covers everything from criminology to spaghetti sauce to show how the most ordinary subjects can illuminate the things about ourselves and our world. Looking under the surface of the seemingly mundane, this title explores the underdogs, the...

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London Labour and the London Poor

by: Mayhew, Henry

An account of life below the margins in the greatest Metropolis in the world and a portrait of the habits, tastes, amusements, appearance, speech, humour, earnings and opinions of the labouring poor at the time of the Great Exhibition.

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The Soccer War

by: Kapuscinski, Ryszard

In 1964, renowned reporter Ryszard Kapuscinski was appointed by the Polish Press Agency as its only foreign correspondent. He befriended Che Guevara in Bolivia, Salvador Allende in Chile and Patrice Lumumba in the Congo. This title is Kapuscinski's...

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