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by Skytt, Lasse Paperback / softback, 300 pages
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Orbanland is the story of a Danish journalist who moved to Hungary to understand what was really going on in this divisive European country. Along the way, he encountered people from all walks of life, and he learned as much about the Hungarians as he learned about himself. Orbanland is not just a book for ‘Hungary nerds’ – it’s a book for everyone who cares about the situation in Europe today… and in the future. Regardless of whether you are interested in migration, populism, the new world order of Trumps and Brexits, human rights or political correctness, identity politics or European history, family values or the film industry, there will be something in this book for you.

Budapest: A History of Grandeur and Catastrophe

by: Hajdu, Joe

Today Budapest is a city whose role in Europe is still being crystallized. However inventive entrepreneurs and creative artists are making the city a more and more vibrant home for its citizens and a favoured destination for a rapidly increasing...

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The Will to Survive

by: Cartledge, Bryan

A history of Hungary covering 1,100 years of occupation and struggle. It is written by the former UK Ambassador to Hungary.

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by: Winder, Simon

Danubia is the brilliant and entertaining companion to the Sunday Times top ten bestseller Germania. It was longlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction 2013.

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The Bridge at Andau

by: Michener, James A.

The Bridge at Andau is James A. Michener at his most gripping, the classic nonfiction account of a doomed uprising as searing and unforgettable as any of his bestselling novels. For five brief, glorious days in the autumn of 1956, the Hungarian...

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