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How They Lived

by Koerner, Andras paperback , 250 pages
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Central European University Press 

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This book documents the physical aspects of the lives of Hungarian Jews in the late 19th and early 20th centuries: the way they looked, the kind of neighborhoods and apartments they lived in, and the places where they worked.

Budapest 1900

by: Lukacs, John

"Lukacs's book is a lyrical, sometimes dazzling, never merely nostalgic evocation of a glorious period in the city's history. . . . {His} true sympathy lies . . . not with the famous expatriates, but with the writers and intellectuals who lived and...

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A History of Hungary

by: Kontler, Laszlo

A History of Hungary provides a comprehensive yet approachable survey in which politics and culture, economic, social and intellectual developments, and the wider European context are integrated in a single narrative. László Kontler sets the stage...

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The Second Term of Viktor Orban: Beyond Prejudice and Enthusiasm

by: O'Sullivan, John

This book is an attempt to deliver a first draft of history on Orbán and Orbánism. The great majority of its essays are concerned with the realities of Hungarian politics in the 26 years since 1989. These include the rise of Viktor Orbán, the...

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33 Hungarian Histories

by: Molnar, Miklos

Understand the Hungarian Mentality through 33 Captivating Stories of Inherently Magyar Personalities Whether you’re in search of your Hungarian roots, are living in or travelling to Hungary or you’re just curious about the history of this tiny but...

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