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The Politics of Objectivity

by Steinberger, Peter J. Paperback / softback, 291 pages
Publication date:
Cambridge University Press 
United Kingdom 

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Peter J. Steinberger reaffirms the idea of rationalism in politics by examining important problems of public life in the light of established philosophical doctrine. This book argues that political conflict is a discursive endeavor deeply implicated in the rational pursuit of theories about how things in the world really are.

On Beauty

by: Eco, Umberto

Sumptuously illustrated and fascinatingly written - a vast store of wisdom about the nature of beauty itself.

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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

by: Pirsig, Robert

Tells a story of the narrator, his son Chris and their month-long motorcycle odyssey from Minnesota to California profoundly affected an entire generation.

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