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London from the Thames

by Hornak, Angelo paperback, 128 pages
Publication date:
Little, Brown & Company 
United States 

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For centuries the River Thames was London's main thoroughfare, and many famous landmarks line its banks. This volume takes the reader on a boat trip through London, exploring this fascinating waterway and the history of the buildings and monuments on its banks.

The Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee

by: Diamond, Jared M.

More than 98 percent of human genes are shared with two species of chimpanzee. The 'third' chimpanzee is man. This work surveys life-cycle, culture, sexuality and destructive urges both towards ourselves and the planet to explore the ways in which...

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The History of Sexuality

by: Foucault, Michel

Written by a sociologist and historian of ideas whose works include "Madness and Civilization", "The Archaeology of Knowledge", "The Birth of the Clinic" and "Discipline and Punish".

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