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Utagawa Kuniyoshi

by Menegazzo, Rossella hardback, 216 pages
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The work of one of the greatest Japanese artists, a key exponent of ukiyo-e which led to manga, to anime (animated films from the 1970s) and to contemporary tattoos.

Edward Hopper

by: Levin, Gail

This study presents the full range of Edward Hopper's work, investigating the identity of the artist and the way his personality informed his art. In the late 1930s he emerged as a major realist painter of the US scene, developing a personal, severe...

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Death in the Afternoon

by: Hemingway, Ernest

In this book Hemingway shares his passion for bullfighting. The technical skills are described and explained, with chapters on individual bullfighters and the bulls. This work also contains a number of short stories inspired by the intense life and...

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Sacred Geometry

by: Lawlor, Robert

Discusses the mythological properties assigned to geometric forms, and covers the Golden Section, gnomonic spirals, music, and the squaring of the circle.

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