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Future Positive

by De Bono, Edward paperback, 256 pages
Publication date:
Ebury Publishing 
United Kingdom 

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'Of one thing in life we can be sure. The quality of our life in the future will depend on the quality of our thinking.' Why are we more prone to be negative? And how can we become more positive, both as individuals and as a society? We need to develop new concepts: some brand new and some slightly different. This book deals with this topic.

Safe Third Countries and the Extending European Refugee Regime

by: Lavenex, Sandra

This is an analysis of the processes by which the countries of Central and Eastern Europe are being incorporated into a restrictive refugee regime established among the EU member states. It highlights the complex entanglement of domestic policies,...

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Budapest Diary

by: Suleiman, Susan R.

A poignant piece of self-revelation, sprinkled with some trenchant observations on the way the dead hand of history has weighed down the former Warsaw Pact countries

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