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The New Laundrymen

by Robinson, Jeffrey paperback, 352 pages
Publication date:
Simon & Schuster Ltd 
United Kingdom 

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It is almost twenty-five years since Jeffrey Robinson wrote the bestseller The Laundrymen. Ripping the scab off Britain's dismal record when it comes to dirty money, The New Laundrymen takes readers deep inside the HSBC scandal, all over thePanama Papers (Robinson was the author who originally outed the Panamanian lawyers Mossack & Fonseca in 1998), and in to $50 million worth of drug money that sat in an account in London, until it was eventually returned to the money launderer. He explains how a blue-chip business laundered fraud money for the Italian mob and how the Commonwealth Islands live off dirty money, he sings praises for the one offshore island that decided enough was enough and he reveals why the world's dictators - from Egypt's Mubarak to Libya's Gaddafi - love London because their sons have always been welcome here to bed down the loot their fathers stole from their national treasuries. Just as he did twenty-five years ago, Jeffrey points fingers and names names,turning the spotlight on Britain's 'gatekeepers' - the lawyers, bankers, accountants, company formation agents and brokers living right here - who continue to make huge profits in the world's third largest business: money laundering.